Bullying: Teens’ Solutions for Schools

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Here is an example of one sector of a community in Florida that got involved in
the 11th annual AMERICA’S YOUNG HEROES
implemented by educators and their students.

Sarah and Alexandra’s video shows how a “victim” of bullies chose to become a “victor” through her own self empowerment:

Hailey and Jocelyn’s video also depicted how the”victim” decided to become a “victor” when she realized she didn’t have to change to fit in and asserted: “ I don’t need you guys to make me feel popular:”

Michelle, Hope and Jessica created their video to show the bully’s version of why she ‘acts as if’ she’s a bully; note her initial bully attitude, ‘masked’ in her body language and compare it to her ‘attitude’ of low self esteem at the end.

Jack Canfield, educator, founder of “the Foundation for Self Esteem,” and co-author of the Chicken Soup Book series advises that one of the secrets of success is to start acting like a success before you are one.
In the two stories below, one adult and one student were able to change the attitude of many by emphasizing the strengths rather than the weaknesses of the “victim:”
In Liberty’s story, “One Direction,” thanks to an anonymous caller who witnessed bullying by four classmates, a principal’s solution was to focus on the talents of the bullies and those of their “victim, Harry.” After identifying the mutual musical abilities of all, she instructed them to work, prepare and perform together for the upcoming school talent show. Their success resulted in friendship and respect for each other.
Read the story
In Hannah’s poem, a ‘popular’ high school football player, Malcolm, encouraged the ‘Garbage girl’ aka the president of the Green Team and lead singer of the ‘band of misfits’ labeled as ‘Outcasts’, to perform at the spring dance.
Had it not been for Malcolm’s recognition and courageous support of the songwriting and musical talents of his peers, they would have continued to be victimized as ‘Orc-Dorks’, ‘creepy Goth’ and ‘total nerds’ rather than applauded and well received by the student body.
Read the poem
In Kailen’s story, “The Strongest Effect,” Meghan, Kenneth’s victim, had a choice: to believe Kenneth’s hurtful words, like “fat,” and “geek,” which rendered her insecure and insignificant or believe her friend’s encouraging words and suggested solution? See if she chose an attitude of self defeat or an attitude of gratitude.
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Olivia wrote about Johnny’s courageous choice to assert himself after being cyberbullied and bullied physically and emotionally for many years: “Stop! Okay? Why are you doing this to me?I have been bullied for most of my life! All I’ve ever wanted was to live a normal life. I don’t like getting beat up; you guys might find it fun, so punch a pillow or something. But stop punching me. I’m done with it! I don’t know why you have the need to bully me. What did I ever do to you? Do you want to be the reason I commit suicide? I’ve actually been thinking about killing myself because of all of you! You would have to live with guilt for the rest of your life! Please stop!”
That whole group didn’t know what to say so the main leader said, “Okay Johnny, we’ll stop. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how much it hurt you! Friends? “Yes!” Johnny exclaimed. The bullies and Johnny shook hands and were now close friends. Since the bullies and Johnny were close, everyone in the school started being nicer to him! It’s what he has always wanted.
Evalee’s story describes the intervention of a friend who told a ‘cool teacher’ of how Callie was beaten, teased and cyberbullied because of her ‘flaming red hair.” Read the teacher’s decision and the bullies’ change of attitude.
Read this story
Jordan dedicated his video to a 10 year old girl who committed suicide due to bullying; he believes that a bully should be forced to take anger management classes and in the most extreme scenarios be imprisoned.

Haley and Maddison’s public service announcement is a warning to all bullies that Bullying can Backfire.

Check out “Teens Are Heroes, Too! Challenges, Choices and Character,” an educational resource implemented in schools by teachers to help inspire students to
transform their pain into passion and their tragedies into triumph via award winning art, poetry and essays by, for and about teens.

This anthology has helped identify each student’s talents and passions while increasing self esteem, self respect and respect for each others’ diversities with activities such as “The Peer Identification Questionnaire,” “My Hero Checklist,” “Talents/Skills Survey,” “Hobbies/Interests Survey, “What’s Bugging You?” and “Questions to Think About”

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We’re proud to share U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch’s congratulatory speech before the 112th Congress
America’s Young Heroes Educational Outreach
“Empowering Youth to Discover the ‘Hero’ Within”

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