A Sample Outline of a Lesson Plan for Teachers & Future Teachers for Change
1. To bring an Awareness to society’s “failures” and empower students to initiate change via their talents, skills, concerns
2.To encourage students to think, speak and act upon their passions & ‘passions with purpose.’ for the good of all
I. Give examples of young & adult activists in society, arts, sciences, past & present who applied their strengths, attributes and talents to fulfill their ‘passions with a purpose.’
II. Questions to Evoke Self Reflection, Self Exploration & Self Discovery of Passions:
1. What is your uniqueness? What are your character attributes, your strengths, talents, dreams, interests, hobbies, concerns at home, school or community?
2. What has stopped you from reaching your potential and fulfilling your dreams and passions? Is it Fear of Pain, Fear of Failure or Fear of Rejection?
III. Ask students to separate into groups and ask each student to share his/her reasons for not fulfilling his/her dream.
1 .How can you transform your dream or passion into ‘passion with purpose’ for the betterment of yourself and the betterment of others at home, school, community?
IV. Ask students in each group to discuss & select a social issue about which they are passionate and agree upon.
V. Ask each group to ‘brainstorm’ about solutions to the social issue they’ve selected
4.Ask each group of students to Plan ways in which the group can ACT UPON one or more of the SOLUTIONS
Eleanor Roosevelt said: “You gain strength, courage, confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you cannot do.”